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The Horrors of Petroleum-Based Surface-Activating Agents
For Your Skin, Body and the Earth
Dr. Recella’s Policy
Essentially, skincare and make-up are supposed to be used to make women beautiful. However, many commonly available products contain ingredients that may actually harm your skin and body or negatively affect the environment. In contrast, Dr. Recella has succeeded in creating an effective skincare formula that excludes all unnecessary ingredients to protect both our customers and the Earth. We guarantee that we will continue to provide skincare that is safe for your skin and body as well as the Earth.

Coal Tar Dyes
Petroleum-Based Synthetic
Surface-Activating Agents
Some petroleum and coal tar-derived dyes can have negative effects on the skin, and we avoid using any kind of tar-based dyes. Instead, we use naturally derived colouring from gardenias and safflower for our products.
Surface-activating agents are often used as emulsifiers to prevent oil and fats from separating from water. Of these substances, it is said that those made with petroleum can irritate the skin. At Dr. Recella, we use soybean-derived lecithin in place of conventional surface-activating agents.
Cultivated for 20 days with mild acid
face wash that contains petroleum
surfactant agent
Cultivated for 20 days with mild acid face wash that contains petroleum
surfactant agent
Cultivated for 20 days with mild acid
face wash without petroleum
surfactant agent


Synthetic Perfumes
Preservatives are used in cosmetic products to prevent deterioration caused by bacteria. Many of Dr. Recella’s products are based on αGri-X (Alpha Grix), deep sea water extracted in Okinawa. This has made it possible for us to create products without the use of artificial preservatives.

Although mineral oil does not permeate into the skin, it is reported to block skin respiration. Therefore, Dr. Recella avoids the use of these altogether. Instead, our products contain naturally derived oils such as olive oil and jojoba oil.
Synthetic perfumes have been reported to cause irritations when used on sensitive skin. At Dr. Recella, we use naturally derived substances such as lavender oil to infuse our products with a gentle scent.
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