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The OGF Program

Ocean Gri-X Facial
“Skin rejuvenation is quicker and more effective when conducted both at home and at the salon.”

Home Skincare
Skin Regeneration Program (Dr. Recella)
Effectively reaches the dermic layer, stimulating
fibroblastic cells and raising collagen and elastin
levels of the skin. Newly born cells will push
away old surface skin, resulting in a fresh and
healthy-looking complexion.
Please use daily at home.
Our Skin Fitness Counsellors are happy to teach
you the proper techniques for application.
Salon Skincare
Aqua Venus, includes αGri-X

Uses αGri-X. No preservatives
or artificial content whatsoever.
Aqua Venus has been presented at
medical conferences and has been
used for treatment of atopic
dermatitis. It has antibacterial,
anti-inflammatory and cellular
stimulation effects.

We can provide quicker
results through facial
treatments to comfort,
soothe and remove
unwanted cuticles from
the skin.

Skin Fit Counselors who have
received training from medical
doctors will provide customers
advice on application techniques,
amounts to use, provide mental
support and constantly monitor
the condition of the customer’s skin.

“The Dr. Recella skin regeneration program implements the
ADS (Advisor Doctor System) Series in collaboration with medical doctors.”
Skin Fitness Counsellors who have received training from medical doctors will provide advice catered to the unique lifestyle and skin type of each individual customer. Dr. Recella was approved by doctors for use by consumers to achieve safe and effective skin rejuvenation.

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