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The Difference Between Conventional
The Importance of Extraction Depth
A Totally Different Treatment Process
Introduction to Dr. Recella’s Cosmetic Products
About αGri-X
3 Key Properties of αGri-X
1 Cellular Stimulation Effect
(Penetration into the Dermis)
Increases fibroblastic cells that create collagen.
Also helps preserve organs and has been shown to
be effective for 400 hours.
Source: Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, March 2001
(Activation of Fibroblastic Cells)

2 Antibacterial Effect
(Kills Pylori Bacteria)
Removes 85% of pylori bacteria which are the cause of stomach ulcers.
Source: Japanese Cancer Association, October 2000
(Suppression of Pylori Bacteria)

3 Anti-Inflammatory Effect
(Treatment of Atopic Eczema)
Effective as treatment for atopic eczema.
70% cure rate at Urasoe General Hospital, Okinawa.
Before using αGri-X After using αGri-X
Urasoe General Hospital (Urasoe City, Okinawa)


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